• 01 Feb 2024
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Unlock the Power of Enterprise Mobile Messaging with iTextPro

iTextPro is your gateway to seamless, enterprise-grade mobile messaging. This powerful software enables you to set up the hosted SMPP server and messaging application, offering an array of benefits to enhance your communication capabilities.

Key Features:

High Throughput:
Experience unmatched throughput with iTextPro. Our solution is designed to deliver high scalability, ensuring exceptional performance for your two-way hosted messaging server. When it comes to throughput, iTextPro is a game-changer.

TextPro comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of recommended plugins. Easily integrate our core engine with any Kannel SMPP-based application, guaranteeing seamless compatibility and hassle-free operation.

Packed With Goodies:
iTextPro is brimming with valuable plugins designed to empower your business:
- 2-Way messaging - MO (Shortcode/Long code)
- HTTP Gateway
- Smart SMS
- Email to SMS
- Archiving
- Invoicing
- Bucket System
- HLR Lookup

These features are your ticket to diversifying your business verticals and driving growth.

Load Balancing:
Manage larger campaigns efficiently with iTextPro. Our software suite allows you to connect an unlimited number of telecom/aggregator gateways, enabling load balancing to process substantial campaigns in a short period.

Please note:
"iTextPro" is the product name, and "PowerSMPP" is the brand name. In this document, we exclusively use "iTextPro" to refer to our exceptional mobile messaging software.

With iTextPro, you gain the ability to harness the full potential of mobile messaging for your enterprise. Discover the convenience, compatibility, and power of iTextPro today.

iTextPRO: Your Comprehensive Integrated Platform for SMSC Development
Empowering Entrepreneurs and Enterprises for Seamless Two-Way Communication

iTextPRO is a meticulously crafted integrated platform, purpose-built to cater to the specific requirements of enterprising entrepreneurs and established enterprises. This robust platform is designed to facilitate the development of your own Short Message Service Center (SMSC) while adeptly managing two-way communication, encompassing both Mobile Terminated (MT) and Mobile Originated (MO) messages.

Key Distinctive Feature:

Streamlined Configuration:
The foremost advantage of iTextPRO lies in its unerring simplicity. It dispenses with the confusion and complexity often associated with the use of an array of intricate configuration files. Instead, our comprehensive yet elegantly straightforward approach sets iTextPRO apart as a unique and user-friendly application.

Discover the power of simplicity, as iTextPRO empowers your business with the capability to establish a highly effective SMSC, devoid of the typical intricacies. Our holistic approach ensures a unique and straightforward user experience, allowing you to focus on seamless two-way communication and the continued growth of your entrepreneurial or enterprise endeavors.



An Intuitive Solution for All, with Scalability in Mind

User-Friendly Interface:
iTextPRO has been meticulously designed to cater to users and administrators from all backgrounds, even those without technical expertise. The platform's clean and intuitive user interface ensures a hassle-free experience, making it exceptionally easy to navigate and manage.

Robust Messaging Architecture:
Our messaging architecture is built to scale effortlessly, capable of handling a broad spectrum of transaction volumes. It seamlessly accommodates workloads ranging from 10,000 transactions per second to more than 25,000 transactions per second. This ensures that your messaging needs are met, regardless of the scale of your operations, all while maintaining the user-friendly experience that sets iTextPRO apart.

Efficient Setup:
Our installation process is designed to be swift and efficient. Typically, within 2-3 working hours, we handle the entire installation, configuration, testing, and fine-tuning of your iTextPRO application. You can gain insight into the step-by-step iTextPRO Installation Phase Cycle below for a comprehensive overview of the process.


Preparing for Live Testing:
To facilitate live testing on our server, you are required to share your SMPP bind credentials for SMS MO (Mobile Originated) and MT (Mobile Terminated) connections. These credentials are typically obtained from your SMS Gateway Vendor or SMSC (Short Message Service Centre), which plays a vital role in storing, forwarding, converting, and delivering SMS messages to mobile handsets. This entity is often represented by a telecom company or a third-party aggregator.

Sample SMPP Connection Parameters:

Your typical Telco or SMSC will provide you with the following essential parameters:

SMSC IP Address (Mandatory)
 SMSC Port (Mandatory)
 System ID (Mandatory)
 Password (Mandatory)
 System Type
 Bind Mode: Transmitter/Receiver/Transceiver (Mandatory)
 Number of Session Tx/Rx/TxRx (Mandatory)
 TON (Type of Number)
 NPI (Numbering Plan Indicator)

Important Note:
Please be aware that many SMSCs require the whitelisting of your Server's IP address for successful integration. It is advisable to raise a support ticket in advance to initiate the whitelisting process for the newly procured IP address of your server

Our commitment is to ensure a smooth and successful live testing experience, and sharing these details will help us make that a reality.

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